Robinson Private Client Group Overview:

The Robinson Private Client Group is not your typical wealth management and advisory team. With four distinct and unique lines of business, team members consult to a variety of high net worth individuals and families, institutions, retirement plan sponsors, and professional athletes, helping them address their investment goals and fiduciary responsibilities. Through a disciplined and well defined process of investment management and financial planning, members of the Robinson Private Client Group provide customized, structured, and dynamic client service within the context of a long-term professional and consultative relationship. With over twelve years of financial services experience, they have the know how and resources to advise more than $4 billion in client assets as of December 31, 2019. 

  • Retirement Plan Consulting
  • Institutional Consulting
  • Private Client Wealth Management Services
  • Professional Athlete Wealth Management Services

Awards & Recognitions

In March 2020, the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) named The Robinson Private Client Group one of 2019 NAPA Top DC Advisors Teams.

The Robinson Private Client Group one of 2019 NAPA Top DC Advisors Teams

The NAPA Top DC Advisor Team list highlights the nation's leading retirement plan advisor teams within firms, which operate in a single physical location, on the defined contribution practice specifically. Teams having at least $100 million in DC assets will be evaluated based on years in business, size of team, target market size, secondary markets served, total numbers of defined contribution plans under management; including number of participants covered, and total asset value of these plans over the trailing two years. Plans must be existing, long-term relationships, not short term or project or contract work of an interim nature. A component of social responsibility is considered.

Our Philosophy:

  • Exceptional service – Our financial advisors spend time building relationships with our clients, enabling them to have a higher level of effective communication, which we believe provides greater results through a suitable process.   We believe in being aggressively proactive with advice on threats, trends, and opportunities for improvement.   We also ascribe to a policy of aggressive responsiveness and attention to detail with clients. We respond to all inquiries in a rapid fashion because we know responsiveness and good communication is one of the few things we can control. 

  • Customized strategies – We try to find strategies for our clients, not clients for our strategies.  With a “farm-to-table” approach in creating custom investment portfolios, we create genuinely bespoke strategies that align with our client's goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We do not sell any proprietary products or platforms, we simply act as fiduciary advisors serving our clients' best interests.

  • Disciplined process – Fear and greed are the two greatest destroyers of wealth. We believe adhering to a clearly communicated and understandable investment process minimizes emotional decision making. By using an interactive process we create an investment policy so all components of the process are extremely transparent. Once the plan is in place, our team continuously monitors positioning and ongoing performance, making prudent recommendations when appropriate. 

  • Sophisticated analysis, simple execution – We believe in understandable investment strategies built around rigorous research and analysis.   Instead of selling complexity, we recommend a sensible asset allocation, working to keep costs low, stay operationally efficient, and avoid emotions.

  • Conflict free advice – We avoid conflicts of interests in all forms. We believe strongly that any advice we provide or recommendation we make be only in our clients' best interest and for no other reason.